We are the first Law Firm in the UK to create an Employee Owned company whereby all employees have a stake in the business

Fox and Partners is an employment law firm committed to providing affordable and accessible legal services which challenge discrimination and protect employee rights. Our team includes Equality and Employment Law specialists who will work with employees to achieve the best possible resolution of workplace disputes. We provide a range of funding options from legal aid, no win, no fee, hourly rate and fixed fee. If you have a problem at work, make sure that you contact us early for expert advice and a discussion about how your case might be funded.

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Fox and Partners are prepared for another busy year ahead.

Summer 2015 will see the 10th Anniversary of the first mass equal pay cases against Scottish Local Authorities. We are doing everything in our power to bring these cases to a successful conclusion – this year if possible! We have updated the website for each area listed below and posted Tribunal hearing dates where these are listed. If no hearing dates are listed this often means that we are in discussions behind the scenes and we will post an update when there are any further developments. We appreciate the continued patience and cooperation of our many thousands of claimants. We are experts in this field and we ensure that we do everything possible to represent your interests.

We remain hopeful that 2015 will also see the abolition of unfair Employment Tribunal Fees which have restricted access to justice for so many people. We were mentioned in a recent Report by the Business and Transport Committee of the House of Commons on 12th January 2015 for our efforts in our JR to challenge the introduction of the fees regime. The proposals in the recent Smith Commission are to devolve the administration of Employment Tribunals to Scotland. This would be a very positive step forward and hopefully will also lead to the end of such fees.

If you do experience problems at work this year it is important to take early advice to protect your position. Don’t be put off by ET fees. If you are treated unfairly or suffering discrimination then click on the button on our Home Page and send us an initial enquiry. We are here to help.

We are here to make your rights a reality.

Carol Fox