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Carol Fox – Statement for website – 19th August 2015
Fox and Partners – Ceasing to practice
As a committed feminist I have given my all to the cause of equal pay over the last seven years based on my lifelong belief in gender equality and access to justice. I have also worked hard to build a campaigning equality and employment law firm based on ethical principles and an alternative business model. This has been a very challenging time with many different battles on many different fronts. I am immensely proud of my contribution to advancing the cause of equal pay in Scotland – most especially for the women of Lanarkshire where I was born and brought up. I will always value the hundreds of ‘Thank you’ cards and our Legal Awards.

After very serious consideration, due to internal developments and family illness, I have decided to cease to practice as a solicitor in order to look after my elderly mother. As a result I regret to advise that the firm is now in the process of winding up and appropriate steps are being taken to ensure that this happens in an orderly fashion.

Every effort has been made to ensure that in all areas the remaining equal pay cases have been settled, have been progressed as far as possible towards settlement or to enable further progress at the Tribunal. We have written to all clients before making this public statement. Equal pay claimants have been advised to contact Action 4 Equality (Scotland) Ltd on 0131 652 7366. Individual employment clients have been referred to another firm or advised to contact the Law Society of Scotland for a list of employment lawyers.

The process of winding up the firm may take some time but I have taken careful and professional steps to inform all clients, colleagues and other firms in accordance with the advice and guidance of the Law Society of Scotland.

Best wishes to all

Carol Fox