We are the first Law Firm in the UK to create an Employee Owned company whereby all employees have a stake in the business

Fox and Partners is an employment law firm committed to providing affordable and accessible legal services which challenge discrimination and protect employee rights. Our team includes Equality and Employment Law specialists who will work with employees to achieve the best possible resolution of workplace disputes. We provide a range of funding options from legal aid, no win, no fee, hourly rate and fixed fee. If you have a problem at work, make sure that you contact us early for expert advice and a discussion about how your case might be funded.

Update – Holiday Pay Campaign 14th November, 2014HolidayPayFandP

Following the important ruling of the Employment Appeal Tribunal Fox and Partners continue to lodge holiday pay cases as it is unclear whether this Judgment will be appealed further.  It is in the interests of all claimants to seek early advice and lodge claims to protect their legal position.  We anticipated this outcome earlier in the year and we are already in the process of lodging thousands of Tribunal claims in Scotland.  The first of these cases have been registered with the Tribunal and sisted (which means no further action will be taken) pending the outcome of any further appeal.  We have also discussed the legal implications of these Judgments with our QC and we will continue to take steps to protect our clients’ interests.  If you are an employee and only get your basic pay when you take leave please contact us and we will try to assist you.   enquiries@foxandpartners.co.uk

 It is important to take early advice and steps to protect your legal position.