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Falkirk Council – Update 29th September 2014

2nd wave cases v Falkirk Council We represent 242 claimants with ongoing equal pay cases against Falkirk Council. There are no dates listed at present and parties have agreed to postpone future hearings to allow settlement discussions to take place. We remain in discussions with the Council with the aim of reaching settlement of theseContinue Reading

Holiday Pay Update 12/09/2014

HOLIDAY PAY UPDATE 12th September, 2014 We placed an advert on June 19th, 2014 in the national press to highlight the importance of seeking early advice about holiday pay claims. Following a great deal of hard work and preparation over the summer we are now acting for over 1000 clients. We have also engaged anContinue Reading

Update for North Lanarkshire Council – 29th August 2014

The Employment Tribunal has postponed the hearing dates listed for 1st – 5th Sept. We objected to this postponement but we were over ruled. Our settlement discussions with North Lanarkshire Council are continuing and we have a further timetable of meetings arranged. There are further hearing dates listed for October. It is a positive sign that allContinue Reading

NLC EV claimants only

North Lanarkshire Council – update 21st July 2014 – Equal Value Cases only Equal Value cases v North Lanarkshire Council Further to our earlier updates advising that we are in settlement discussions with the Council we wish to update those first wave EV claimants who have received no settlement. We intend to prioritise these casesContinue Reading

NLC – Update 17/06/2014

UPDATE – 17th June, 2014   The below statement is a very important development but it is the first step in a long process.  We will keep you advised via the website and would appreciate your continued patience. Carol Fox   Statement by North Lanarkshire Council and Fox and Partners, UNISON and Digby Brown NorthContinue Reading