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Update – North Lanarkshire Council – 24th October 2014

2nd wave claimants

Employment Tribunal Dates – Hearing going ahead on Monday 27th October until 31st October in Glasgow Employment Tribunal, 215 Bothwell Street, G2 7TS 10am – 4pm each day

We posted the last update on our website at the end of August. Since then we have had further meetings with North Lanarkshire Council to discuss settlement of 2nd wave cases for the period after January 2007 until present. Hearing dates in August were postponed to allow settlement negotiations to continue but we have now reached the next Tribunal hearing dates, due to take place next week without settlement offers.

We are disappointed that progress has been very slow and we have not yet received individual settlement offers. Despite 4 months of meetings the council only produced their first proposal a few days ago and wanted yet another adjournment of the Hearing. This proposal was incomplete, uncosted and, in our view, woefully inadequate. The unions and ourselves were unanimously of the view that this left us no option but to return to the tribunal. We will therefore proceed with the hearing next week but we have advised the Council that we are still willing to continue discussions at the same time. This is perfectly normal and has happened in other areas.

We have undertaken further preparation and Ms Romney QC and our legal team are fully briefed and ready to continue to fight your equal pay case. We are doing everything in our power to reach a successful conclusion, either by way of settlement or by awards from the Tribunal. It is important that we either reach the end of the hearing and deal with all the evidence or only adjourn again when we receive reasonable settlement offers which we can recommend to you. We have already made considerable progress at the Tribunal and we can only obtain a decision from the Tribunal once the hearing is concluded. We therefore consider that it is in the best interests of our 3,000 claimants to proceed to the Tribunal without further adjournments. We have been working cooperatively with the other claimant representatives and they also wish to continue with the hearing next week.

We will post further updates if there are new developments. We want to continue settlement discussions, if possible, but that will depend on the position of the Council. Please do not listen to any rumours. We will update the website as soon as we can but it is not always possible to make public statements during settlement discussions or while the Tribunal Hearing is ongoing. We are almost at the end of a long hearing and we hope we can conclude the hearing in the very near future. We may need further dates to be listed. All Tribunal dates will be posted on the website.

Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation. Please keep checking the website. If you do not have a computer at home your local library should be able to help.

First wave Equal Value cases

We are also preparing for a Remedies Hearing for those first wave claimants who have received no settlement. This is due to take place on Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th November in the Glasgow Tribunal. Again we will keep you posted if there are further developments.

Fox and Partners

24th October 2014.

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